Artist statement

There’s this hunger for beauty in every form and shape that drives my creative process, consisting of finding uncommon views of things ordinary. Being essentially a collector of images, I find photography  to be the perfect media, as it gives me a tool to harvest images almost unconsciously. Collected pictures are then, and not so seldom years after being taken, tweaked, processed, twisted, mixed, collaged and abused to the point of revealing what appears to be their inner collective image. Which quite so often takes a look of an ordinary snapshot, but almost never is. Despite extensive use of computers and insane amounts of post-processing, photography perceived as an impression of light remains the main source of my artistic creation.

CV, kind of…

Quite uneventful, except for my primary school art teacher, a great watercolorist as I discovered later on, who found a way to discipline some of his more restless pupils (both of us actually) by locking us up after school into his study full of various art books. Flipping pages and pages of beautiful pictures revealed a new, yet unseen world and started an insatiable hunger for discovering things of beauty and wonder in most unlikely places. Despite my teacher’s efforts, I never managed to learn traditional artistic skills like drawing and painting, but he managed to show us other ways to express ourselves and was prepared to provoke and support our efforts, no matter how inept they may have been at the time.

Discovery of photography not long after enabled me to paint with light. And started countless hours in darkroom, dipping fingers in chemicals and waiting for unexpected images to show at last. While studying journalism, I was lucky enough to be either working with or interviewing some of the best Slovene photographers of the time, learning a few tricks of the trade on the way. If I am to pick just one name, I’d say Stojan Kerbler with his wide-angle family portraits was the one whose work I was most impressed by. Which is not to say that others and not only photographers, did not influence and enrich my perception of the world out there.

Computers and digital photography now provide all the tools necessary to support my artistic endeavours.

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