Editions Castra 2015

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Editions Castra 2015

To celebrate a solo exhibition at Lična hiša Ajdovščina, a series of limited edition prints titled Editions Castra 2015 is now available on-line.

About the exhibition

Brut Carniollus is presenting a series of digital graphics resulting from profound abuse of source photographs. Works to be put on display belong to a larger body of work – hypo-allergenic post-conceptual ultra minimalist organic abstracts, which are, technically speaking, near-final digital deconstruction of source photographs in search of a moment of tremendous discharge, the exact moment when the unity of pre-existing universe experienced its first schism as reflected in the memory of matter, a happy mishap of computer vision misrepresenting the reality and creative intervention of associative titling of the piece regardless of it’s origin.

Vernissage: Lična hiša Ajdovščina, Slovenia, November 21th at 19:00. Cordially invited.

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Editions Castra 2015
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