CALL & RESPONSE Preannouncement No2

Brut Carniollus (SLO)
Klaus Gmoser (AT)
Klementina Golija (SLO)
Walter Köstenbauer (AT)

Ausstellungseröffnung / otvoritev razstave
Freitag / petek
27. 11. 2015 | 18.30

Pavelhaus | Pavlova hiša | Pavel house
Laafeld / Potrna 30
8490 Radkersburg – Umgebung

A solo at Lična hiša Ajdovščina Preanouncement No1

dancing piglet, 2015

Brut Carniollus is presenting a series of digital graphics resulting from profound abuse of source photographs. Works to be put on display belong to a larger body of work – hypo-allergenic post-conceptual ultra minimalist organic abstracts, which are, technically speaking, near-final digital deconstruction of source photographs in search of a moment of tremendous discharge, the exact moment when the unity of pre-existing universe experienced its first schism as reflected in the memory of matter, a happy mishap of computer vision misrepresenting the reality and creative intervention of associative titling of the piece regardless of it’s origin.

Vernissage: Lična hiša Ajdovščina, November 21th at 19:00. Cordially invited.

Passion For Music

the accordionist, 2011-2014

Non-conceptual digital collage, portrait of accordionist Jure Tori in action, original digital UV print up to 135 x 96 cm.

To be published in Stories of Music later this year. Stories of Music is a forthcoming multimedia anthology that will feature a collection of stories focused on the impact music has on people’s lives from its role in healing, community, and family traditions to musicianship, travel experiences, and much more. The book will include works from authors and artists around the world.

Dear brut,

Thank you for sending us “The Accordionist”. We love it and would like to publish it in the first volume of Stories of Music.

Thanks again for sharing your work!

Holly Tripp
Stories of Music

Kimono ceremony

kimono ceremony, 2010 – 2015

This one  belongs to a new body of work consisting of ultra-minimalist organic abstracts, which are, technically speaking, near-final digital deconstruction of source photographs. Kimono ceremony was inspired by a photo taken in Japan a while ago so even though it is abstract in every aspect, it’s titled in regard to the original source rather then by association as are other works in this series.

Non-conceptual ultra-minimalist organic abstract, original digital UV print from digital source up to 6000 x 4000 cm.