Kimono ceremony

kimono ceremony, 2010 – 2015

This one  belongs to a new body of work consisting of ultra-minimalist organic abstracts, which are, technically speaking, near-final digital deconstruction of source photographs. Kimono ceremony was inspired by a photo taken in Japan a while ago so even though it is abstract in every aspect, it’s titled in regard to the original source rather then by association as are other works in this series.

Non-conceptual ultra-minimalist organic abstract, original digital UV print from digital source up to 6000 x 4000 cm.

Hard rain

hard rain, 2013-2014

Non-conceptual portrait photography, black&white, original digital UV print up to 100 x 66 cm.


help, 2000-2014

This one was initially created as a book cover and is one of not so many pieces of pure computer graphics in my work. It seemed to fit this year’s 2. Niels Bugge Cartoon-Award 2014 theme Oceans are in our hands quite nicely, but even so I was very pleased with being accepted into actual exhibition in Viborg, Denmark. Please check out the catalogue of all the wonderful works in this exhibition.

Another copy went to Netherlands to be a part of The Coffee Art Project Amsterdam and as a support for Project Waterfall. Which is is the central focus of The Allegra Foundation, and aims to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in African coffee-growing countries.

Limited edition digital UV print on heavy stock water colour paper, signed and numbered on the back, 210 x 297 mm, edition of 4 printed April 15th 2014

  • accepted into 2nd Niels Bugge Cartoon Award 2014, Oceans are in our hands
  • accepted into Coffee Art Project Amsterdam 2014 (you can but the print)

The Town House

the town house, 2013

Digital collage, original limited edition digital UV print or canvas transfer up to 123 x 92 cm.

Canned Memories

canned memories, 2007-2013

Computer geek’s idea of a family album. Pop art in the informatic era chop-shop.
In today’s world memories are becoming less and less personal and more of a consumer product. If they can’t be digitized, encoded, published, broadcast, blogged, RSS fed, shoutcast, facebooked, instagramed, tweeted, … and what not, then they are worthless. What can’t be converted to ones and zeros and published to the internet, doesn’t really exist.

Digital collage, original limited edition digital UV print or canvas transfer up to 123 x 92 cm.