Artopen photography of the month award

Congratulations Brut Carniollus!

Your artwork in the swamp has ranked 1st place in Artwork of the month September 2018 in category Photography.

Please find attached the certificate of this achievement.

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in the swamp, 2018

in the swamp, 2018

Perhaps you have a new camera?

streetgliding in Cuba

street-gliding in Cuba

An interesting image of which I can see a red vehicle although I feel it would benefit from a little more focus. It is an action shot and appears a bit blurred for me to view this very clearly. However, the choice of subject fits the brief well, the angle is good and you have captured the moment of speed, its just a little too fast. Perhaps you have a new camera? I’ve just bought one myself and I’m taking some quite similar shots so we are both still learning. A good attempt, do please keep on trying.

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Street musician

street musician, 2015

street musician, 2015

Into the storm

into the storm, 2014

into the storm, 2014

Photography, a documentary shot of a guy heading into the spring snowstorm from Glungezer Hütte

On display at Hotel Kabuki Los Angeles

Best of Photography 2016 Finalist

Borovo gostüvanje - Pine tree wedding, Hungary, Kétvölgy (Verica-Ritkarovci) 2016

Borovo gostüvanje – Pine tree wedding, Hungary, Kétvölgy (Verica-Ritkarovci) 2016

We are pleased to inform you that your entry is in the Finalist group. As such, it will be published in the book Best of Photography 2016. On July 21st we mailed a letter informing you of your Finalist status. We are sending this email to you as well, in case that letter is delayed in the mail.