Artopen artwork of the month award

Congratulations Brut Carniollus!

Your artwork sun powered zebras has ranked 1st place in Artwork of the month August 2017 in category Graphics.

Please find attached the certificate of this achievement.

Best regards,
ArtOpen Team

Your Image was Selected for Photoville Exhibit

Hi Brut,

Congratulations! We’ve selected your House No. 12 image for the Your Art Gallery Exhibit at Photoville! We will be featuring your image among some of our other YAG artists, including full credit and promotion of this image. We will also include your Artist bio from our site…

Although I know it’s not always possible, we would love for you or any friends you have in the area to stop by to say hello. All the details for the event are here: it’s free and registration isn’t required in advance.

We’re so excited to have you as part of this amazing event!



House No. 12

You are published in yearbook X

Dear brut,

I’m very glad to let you know that you have been published in yearbook X. This is the last and final of our photo books so it’s an especially big honour to be published this year. Make sure to claim your copy as soon as possible since they ran out quickly last year and it’s printed in a small limited edition of only 500 copies. You can order the book here:

Good light, Ralf

Perhaps you have a new camera?

street-gliding in Cuba

An interesting image of which I can see a red vehicle although I feel it would benefit from a little more focus. It is an action shot and appears a bit blurred for me to view this very clearly. However, the choice of subject fits the brief well, the angle is good and you have captured the moment of speed, its just a little too fast. Perhaps you have a new camera? I’ve just bought one myself and I’m taking some quite similar shots so we are both still learning. A good attempt, do please keep on trying.

Reviewed by …

Performance Award of HPA 2017

Dear friend,
We would like to offer our warmest congratulations on your winning the Performance Award of HPA 2017. The results can be accessed through php?catid=52&id=700&l=en

You will be invited to attend the award ceremony to be held later this year. We appreciate very much for your excellent recording of the multi cultures in the world. Congratulations!
Best regards

HPA Work Team June 13, 2017

Borovo gostüvanje, a wedding with a pine tree, is a Carnival tradition characteristic of the region of Prekmurje in northeast Slovenia; of the Porabje in Hungary and the area extending toward northeast Hungaria; and of Austrian Burgenland and Styria. The custom was traditionally held if there had not been a single wedding in the village during fášenk time (the period between Christmas and Shrovetide). In the present time, this is no longer relevant. The tradition is recreated in order to collect funds for village matters, particularly for the local fire brigade; to keep the tradition going; and to attract tourists. Elderly villagers say that the principal objective has always been to do something for the village and its development.

Artopen artwork of the month award

Congratulations Brut Carniollus!

Your artwork sun powered zebra has ranked 1st place in Artwork of the month May 2017 in category Graphics.

Your artwork demolition has ranked 2nd place in Artwork of the month May 2017 in category Photography.

Please find attached the certificate of this achievement.

Best regards,
ArtOpen Team

The Woven Tale Press Vol 5

Congratulations to all my latest WTP gems — You are all to be commended on not only your talents, but perseverance as artists and writers — it is not an easy road.

Below is the direct link to the magazine— we do now require subscriptions (still free) but we think it’s fine for our contributors to share the direct link, as a way to encourage your social media friends to sign up!

We wanted you to see the issue first; although it is live on the site now, we don’t officially announce “share” until June 1, but no worries if you don’t want to wait!

The Woven Tale Press Vol 5

The Woven Tale Press Vol 5

Your entries to HPA 2017 are now on the winning list of top 666

Dear sir/madam,

We are honoured to inform you that there are entries you submitted in HPA2017’s photo contest have been selected to the second-round judging of HPA 2017.

This year nearly 8,000 qualified sets of photos of 4,790 participants from 123 countries and regions have been reviewed during the first-round judging. Your works on the list of top 666 got the chance to compete from the 100 Nomination Awards and Jury’s Special Awards, 60 Documentary Awards and 6 Grand Awards in the near future. The rest 500 sets of photos will be awarded the Performance Awards. Congratulations!

The second-round judging is scheduled to start in late May and will complete in early June. We will announce the winning list of Performance Awards and Nomination Awards on our official website, news section in time. The Jury’s Special Awards, Documentary Awards and Grand Awards can be only announced during the awards ceremony in September.

Congratulations again you have made to the second-round judging and we appreciate very much your contributions and support to HPA 2017! More relevant news and the judging process please visit at



Kunstverein Kranj zu Gast in Galerie Porcia
von 21. April bis 19. Mai 2017

Gostovanje likovnega društva Kranj