Featured in bluebee magazine


Featured in bluebee magazine

A piece from the Safe Socializing in Time of Quarantine got featured in bluebee magazine volume 4 – Daffodil.

Being an artist isn’t easy. Running an art business is probably even less so. But it’s still possible to make a living out of art – the question is just what kind of living you expect.

We have spoken to some people in the industry and explored different areas of what it means to be an artist nowadays. Just because you create it does not mean people will buy it. There is more to an art business than just the art itself. Art is not just paint on a canvas; art should have something to say.

Our featured artists are all brilliant minds, and it’s great to see how different artists approach their artistic expressions in different ways. Topics range from the thought that capitalism has widened modern-day slavery, to the human union with nature, and to initially captured fragments of reality. (from the editorial)

Safe socializing ...
Safe socializing …, photography, conceptual, 2020
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