… digital collage, larger body of work with a general theme of urban landscape. Original digital images are created by digitally collaging several photographs harvested in cities around the world. The resulting artwork represent artist (quite so often surreal) impression of urbanity while at the same time offering a level of recognisable details helping a viewer to re-place the final image into a real world, even though not all elements originate from the same place or time. In this series artist combines his own photographs with open sourced imagery from various sources, like deviantArt, Unsplash and several public libraries.

Echoes in the memory of matter

A series of post-conceptual reductive digital organic abstracts derived from digitally processed source photographs with intetion to produce ultra minimalist and minimalist graphic images. The digital process itself involves repeated reduction, decomposition and decontsruction in search of protoshapes being born at the dawn of time, an attempt to explore the memory of matter via near-final digital deconstruction of unsuspecting photographs, harvested en-masse to serve as a raw material. The purpose of the process is to envision a moment of tremendous discharge known as the Big Bang, the exact moment when the unity of pre-existing universe experienced its first schism as reflected in the memory of matter. A happy mishap of omni-vision misrepresenting the reality and creative intervention of associative titling of the piece regardless of it’s origin, more or less lost in the process.
Works being created digitally can be be presented in number of ways from original digital prints of various sizes all the way up to practical limits imposed by today’s graphic and industrial printers, as well as presented digitally via various screens and projectors. Faux 3D or mixed 2D/3D installations are possible with an inherent assumption that these works essential existence is virtual by their nature, so in each and every instance they are being materialized is an approximation with all the particularities of the actual rendering process being but at the same time a possible enhancement of the original virtual creation.

Faces of the city

Digital collage based on original photography, an ongoing series of urban portraits in a form of photographic digital collage with a working title Faces of the city. Researching different aspects of urbanities reflected through intertwined images of humans and urban landscapes. Searching for the illusive identity of both humans and the metropolis. Works from this series are executed as original digital UV prints on stretched canvas sized to 100x100cm.

Partitioning the universe

New, yet unexhibited series of semi-generative digital graphic works based on exploration of a tessellation diagram, a computer generated partitioning grid created by recursively executing a random split on parent rectangle area with a thingie called a dust-line (random directional dot cluster progression) along a randomly selected split course. Portions of a grid are then hand painted to produce the final image or a starting point of yet another mixed media intervention and/or digital collage resulting in final digital image.

Black & White