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My project Miniprints 90x90mm has ben selected in RECUP’ART 2020 OPEN CALL and just today I got confirmation the parcel arrived at Cultureghem. Miniprints 90x90mm is not really a project but an ongoing series of miniprints, which usually serve all kinds of purposes: artist proofs, color tests, mini gifts, art exchange pieces, bussiness cards, quick […]



Hi brut, Congrats! Your work is going to be displayed in Times Square! The show is this Thursday, July 24th from 8-9pm! Here’s your images that are going to be featured: (,,,, The billboards are located at 46th St. and Broadway in the heart of NYC. We’ll be photographing the show, […]


Canned Memories

Computer geek’s idea of a family album. Pop art in the informatic era chop-shop. In today’s world memories are becoming less and less personal and more of a consumer product. If they can’t be digitized, encoded, published, broadcast, blogged, RSS fed, shoutcast, facebooked, instagramed, tweeted, … and what not, then they are worthless. What can’t […]

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