Spontanious Combustion

Very pleased to announce the line-up for the upcoming international 10dence gallery exhibition project ‘contemporary Spontanious Combustion that will go on display from May 27 till June 15 2020 at Hof van Ryhove – Onderstraat 22 – Ghent, Belgium. Participating artists: Akiko Suzuki – Japan, Susumu Ohira – Japan, Larisa …

Top 15 Ranking Submission

with the Malta International Photo Award

Dear Photographer,
I hope this email finds you well. As you may be aware, we have announced the winners of the 2018 edition of the Malta International Photo Award, and one of your submissions has been selected as a Top 15 entry winning the second overall prize which is inclusion in a Photography Exhibition which we will be holding at the Malta Postal Museum in Valletta starting from 16th February 2019.

You can find the full list of winners on our website here.

Your entry will also be included in the original Photographic Publication by Malta International Photo Award, and the same information you provide us will be included in this publication.
Thank you for taking part in the Malta International Photo Award and for making it a success for us as well!. I would like to congratulate you once again on your final result!
All the very best for the new year.
Best regards,
lost in thoughts, original UV print, 100x100cm, 2017-18
lost in thoughts, original UV print, 100x100cm, 2017-18

Santa Ana River Review

Dear brut,

Thank you for sending your work to SANTA ANA RIVER REVIEW. Congratulations!

We were so impressed by your work and would be honored to publish it in our forthcoming issue.

With overwhelming enthusiasm,


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lost in thoughts, 2017
lost in thoughts, 2017

Winner(s) of 2018 ARTDEX Art Competition

ligthouses, 2017
ligthouses, 2017

Over the past few months, ARTDEX has received numerous brilliant artwork submissions from talented worldwide artists attending our Inaugural Art Competition. We would like to thank you for your continuing contribution and daily endeavor to inspire the global art community.

We are honored to announce the six artists selected by our esteemed jurors. We are thrilled for all the winners and their outstanding artworks, seen below!

Utazu Art Award 2018

Pozdravljeni! Z veseljem sporočam, da smo bili vsi avtorji, ki smo se prijavili iz Slovenije in Italije na Utazu Art Award, izbrani za razstavo. Čestitam! Razstavo bodo odprli jutri, na ogled bo do 6. maja. Kolegi mi bodo poslali kataloge, po en izvod za vsakega. Noriaki Sangawa

Poligious Issues exhibition project 2017

Nader Afshari – Iran, Hussam Al Shalabi – Syria, George Androutsos – Greece, Jack Barnosky – USA, David Blanco Aristin – Spain, Brut Carniollus – Slovenia, John Crabtree – United Kingdom, Katerina Dramitinou – Greece, Andreja Eržen – Slovenia, Gerard Extra – the Netherlands, Črtomir Frelih – Slovenia, Vered Gerstenkorn – Israel, Stojan Grauf – Slovenia, Sander Groen – the Netherlands, Armin Guerino – Austria, Houssam Hafdi – Algeria, Masri Hayssam – Lebanon, Carl Heyward – USA, Rik van Iersel – the Netherlands, Maryam Iravani – Iran, Marc Janssens – Belgium, Alexander Ketele – Belgium, Rusudan Khizanishvili – Georgia, Norbert Klavora – Austria, Peter Kohl – Austria, Robin Kolleman – the Netherlands, Henri Laurent – Belgium, Malgorzata Lazarek – Poland, Richard Ludersdorfer – Austria, Steve Moseley – USA, Massimo Nota – Italy, Arturo Pacheco Lugo – Mexico, Konstantinos Patsios – Greece, Daniel Perilli – Italy, Francesco Perilli – Italy, Svetla Radulova-Markova – Bulgaria, Sigal Ron – Israel, Ron Shelton – USA, Larisa Sjoerds – the Netherlands, Franz Strauss – Austria, Kas Stuart – Belgium, Jaya Suberg – Germany, Akiko Suzuki – Japan, Nabeel Taher – Saudi Arabia, Bojidar Toneff – Bulgaria, Concepción Trigo Pacheco – Spain, Gabi Troester – Austria, Philip Verbruggen – Belgium, Christine Verhaert – Belgium, Frans van Viegen – the Netherlands, Ron Weijers – the Netherlands, Frans de Winter – the Netherlands

February 25 till April 2 2017 – the Crown – Schiedam – the Netherlands
April 10 till May 5 2017 – EAT – Antwerp – Belgium
June 17 till July 2 2017 – Hof van Ryhove – Ghent – Belgium
September 7 till 24 2017 – MIR museum – Gleisdorf – Austria
November 3 till 30 2017 – National Art Gallery Dobrich – Dobrich – Bulgaria

Poligious Issues

  • http://10denceartprojects.blogspot.nl/2007/12/poligious-issues.html (concept)
  • http://poligiousissuesartists.blogspot.nl/2009/02/poligious-issues-participating-artists.html (participating artists)

Looking forward to your works and to meet up at the opening of the exhibition

with kind regards
Ron Weijers

Ron Weijers – Lange Haven 96 B – 3111 CJ Schiedam – the Netherlands – studio – Mgr. Nolenslaan 99 B – 3119 EB Schiedam – the Netherlands – 0031 – 06 1214120 – info@ronweijers.net – www.ronweijers.net

Florals and abstracts

Today we set a semi-permanent exhibition at the office of Dr. Med. Univ. Selma Brence Černezel, in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria.

Postcards from the Edge

January 29-31, 2016
Hosted by Sikkema Jenkins & Co
530 West 22nd Street, New York, NY, 10011

Since 1998, Visual AIDS has produced the annual Postcards From The Edge exhibition and benefit sale of original, postcard-sized works on paper by established and emerging artists.

Known within the art world as the most exciting and affordable way to add to a collection, Postcards From the Edge offers a unique opportunity for buyers to acquire original, postcard-sized artwork for ONLY $85 EACH (less than a round of cocktails – give or take a Martini). Offered on a first-come, first-served basis, each piece is exhibited anonymously, and the identity of the artist is revealed only after the work is purchased. With the playing field levelled, all participants can take home a piece by a famous artist, or one who’s just making their début in the art world. Nonetheless, collectors walk away with something beautiful, a piece of art they love!

Editions Castra 2015

To celebrate a solo exhibition at Lična hiša Ajdovščina, a series of limited edition prints titled Editions Castra 2015 is now available on-line.

About the exhibition

Brut Carniollus is presenting a series of digital graphics resulting from profound abuse of source photographs. Works to be put on display belong to a larger body of work – hypo-allergenic post-conceptual ultra minimalist organic abstracts, which are, technically speaking, near-final digital deconstruction of source photographs in search of a moment of tremendous discharge, the exact moment when the unity of pre-existing universe experienced its first schism as reflected in the memory of matter, a happy mishap of computer vision misrepresenting the reality and creative intervention of associative titling of the piece regardless of it’s origin.

Vernissage: Lična hiša Ajdovščina, Slovenia, November 21th at 19:00. Cordially invited.

Go to  Editions Castra 2015.

Editions Castra 2015